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Commissioned Landscapes   Special Event Coverage          

Fine photographic artwork is a great element of of a beautiful home or professional office, especially when it makes a connection to  the local or regional area.  


If you have a location or theme you would like to display, NLP can create a body of work to your specifications.  You can then proof and select favorite images and we will produce digital files, prints or framed art from the chosen images.


We are also available for travel assignments.


 Great candid images really capture the key moments and emotion of your special event and create lasting memories you can come back to time and again.  


NLP can cover your event and provide those memories.  We have experience in a variety of events, including family reunions and other gatherings, business events, shows, and as a "second shooter" at weddings.  (Please note that NLP does not do wedding photography as the primary photographer.)


We also specialize in fast-action photography for sporting  events and martial arts.     


Please contact us to discuss your goals and to get an estimate for your project.